Cry Babies and Emotional Weakness

I’ve had it. I’m so over it. Hey tough asshole, your weakness is showing. I can’t handle seeing people posting online all about how much “this generation” and “millennials” and people in general are so whiny nowadays and are “emotionally weak” because they want people to care about their emotions. If this is you, consider… Continue reading Cry Babies and Emotional Weakness

A Spiritual Questionnaire: A Guide for Being Spiritually Somewhere

Do you ever look at yourself as a person and think, “Oh my god, I’m not the same person I used to be X years ago… but I’m still totally the same person, just with better articulated versions of the questions I used to have…and maybe a few more answers…”? I feel that way all… Continue reading A Spiritual Questionnaire: A Guide for Being Spiritually Somewhere

Accepting Yourself For Who You Are

Isn’t it the hardest sometimes? Accepting ourselves? As the Internet might appropriately say, such judgment, much hurt. From the onset of life, we’re placed these into categories we never asked to be and are always making maneuvers to fight past them. What we’re constantly fighting for is understanding from others; what we’re really wanting to know… Continue reading Accepting Yourself For Who You Are

Holy Water – Spoken Word Poem

Holy Water by Martina Smith I’ve been thinking lately… Why keep the baby if you’re gonna throw the bathwater out with the baby? Why the husband and wife if they don’t promise each other a happy life? Why put the ring on, and then why turn the sex on if it’s all just gonna turn… Continue reading Holy Water – Spoken Word Poem