My Spiritual Journey / Spiritual Coming Out

As you saw from my first video involving my spiritual journey, I’ve had an interesting spiritual life. I started out as a Christian, and now I’m…a little bit of everything. I wouldn’t classify myself as religious by any means, but I can find something positive, good, and healthy in every tradition, even the “non-traditions.” Everything is wide open now.

Jesus is still greatly important to me. So are other things now, too, though. Enter the beauty of paradox.

I know that as that line is read by certain Christians, it won’t be received well. And I”m becoming okay with that. That in itself is half my current spiritual path.

I spent a long time (months) debating how I wanted to approach filming my video and how I wanted to, well, come out about some spiritual things. Just as ridiculous as it is for homosexual people to have to “come out” to people who aren’t like them, feeling any sense of pressure to update people on “where I’m at” with my spirituality is equally as stupid. Shouldn’t we just be able to share our thoughts and feelings, not make a grave comparison to yours?

But I wanted to do this. I had to.

I was once a spiritual leader and have multiple people that presently look at my life and find inspiration. I didn’t want to be, and felt I couldn’t be, one of those people that fall off the face of the earth because they’re ashamed of their thoughts. I completely understand why anyone would take that position–honestly, I’ve already done some of the same myself. While there’s absolutely no shame in taking some time off for yourself, it only takes so long before you start needing someone to share something so important to you with. The angst of hiding alone can eat you alive.

I wanted to come to terms with my differences, especially for all those people going through the same thing as me. If you’ve ever doubted, this is for you. If you’ve ever wondered or questioned, this is for you. If you’ve ever known something wasn’t settling right in your intuition and FOLLOWED IT, this is for you. You are a sacred person, a holy, dynamic monument that hosts sooooo much free love and goodness. YOU are the answer–trust your heart, trust yourself. Be lead by what makes the most sense to you. I’m giving you permission to let your journey be a journey, just like mine.

There is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with me. Let’s just be our spiritual selves together, friend.


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