ForeverAtLast’s “Ghosts Again”

Since I’m going to be making videos of my reviews, I’ll keep my written reviews short and sweet. Here’s what you need to know about this awesome record…

I love it! because: it’s a mature step in the right direction for a growing band

If you wanna explore, here’s my feels on it, track by track:

Solid opener with some rockin’ punk back beats, and we hear Brittany’s new “pop squeak” vox

My fav! A catchy and emo/goth-stylish tune with rad, lyrically chopped-up verses and a sweet heavy chorus

Bad Blood
The single that is catchy as crap and emotionally driven

Ghosts in the Attic
Maybe my fav, too! Our first big look at back and forth vocals that hint at great things to come, and a piano outro that propels the record further and deeper

One in the Same
Well-written song that toys with some new elements (see whispering at the beginning)

Part II
Freaking clever throwback to “One Head, Many Minds” from their debut album

Days of Night
Heaviest song on the album with a nice “Indianapolis Christian hardcore worship-y” sounding bridge

Echoes are Secrets
Features guitar octaves in the main riffs, a personal weakness of mine

Mr. Whitecoat
Perfect, catchy, bangin’ song to showcase the band’s transition from debut to sophomore album packed with buttery dual vocals

The Cardboard Rule
Great outro that experiments with acoustic guitar and violin, and ends the album on a strong contemplative note


Kudos to the band! In the future, I’d love to hear more vocal and instrumental experimentation, more sweet, sweet guitar pwnage, and more dual vocals


Never heard of this band? I think you might like them if you like My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance, or Gwen Stefani

See also: post-hardcore, Christian post-hardcore, Victory Records, Indianapolis hardcore, emo, female vocals







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