Home – A Poetry Project

I regret to say that I don’t have a video ready for this week. Working retail means I worked Thanksgiving and Black Friday and that means insanity! But seriously, I ran out of time to make some final cuts for my next video I plan to release in 3 parts. I will do that as soon as I can, and as close to each other as possible!

So instead…I’ve decided to share a poetry project I’ve been working on.


A few years ago, I wrote a poem for a class I took about the writings of George MacDonald. I read it last year and something struck me about it representing an idea of home to me–a home for lovers. Here’s the link to my Tumblr page where you will find a recording called “Home Pt. I (Lover)” of it:

Being Martina Tumblr

A year later, I wrote a song one night when I couldn’t sleep called “Chills” that caught me in the middle of understanding my own experience with home, and I reference it some in this next poem.

Again, here’s my Tumblr page where you’ll find that song:

Being Martina Tumblr

This 2nd poem in my project describes my notion of a motherly home, something very important to me right now. Here it is:

Home Pt. II (Mother)

I used to have so much clarity about the things that scared me
About the depression, about the anxiety, about the unfulfilling life, about the fear of fear itself
But lately, I haven’t been able to predict the lack of clarity as one of them
When everything seems hazy like the fog of the sea
When I’m looking and all I see are answers to questions and then a response question wrapped in insecurity and bitterness that I wasn’t ready for
When all I feel are scrutinizing eyes on every. single. one. of my answers
Dear Mother, please come for me
Not the way the chilling ghost does, but the way you do
Let all my answers be heard; let me be heard, and you do
You cherish my words and the air about me as something expressed from the heart
You do not steal, you do not mame
You love me always the same
And let me know it
This is why you are forever a home to me


I should also note that my Tumblr page is my house for all my creative projects that aren’t necessarily videos–mostly writings, poems, and songs, and little drawings or paintings I do. If you dig creativity, follow me there or just check there periodically to see what I’m up to!


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