Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium” Review

Here’s what you need to know about the album: 

I dig it! because it’s super freaking catchy and forever a part of my childhood

If you wanna get down with me and explore, here’s my feels on it track by track:

Larger Than Life
A uniquely themed turn-of-the-century banger

I Want it That Way
The clear hit of the album, and OMG HOWIE (the dude always forgotten about) CAN SING!

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
A slowed down version of the previous track, but one that kills it with the subtle guitar solo

It’s Gotta Be You
Club song that sounds like a less aggressive *NSYNC (gasp) hit

I Need You Tonight
Michael Jackson-esque vocally stunning track

Don’t Want You Back
One of my favs! By far the catchiest song on the record full of hype sass and, shall I say, maturity?

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
I know you didn’t want her back, but now you can’t afford to lose her? At this point, I’ve decided BBBoys need to release all the sappy songs on a second disc and show the world how hip yet soft they are in a more purposeful way

The One
Clubby, subtle, catchy–simple as that

Back to Your Heart
One of my other favs because they’ve finally returned to the R&B goodness that they are

Spanish Eyes
Cheesy, sappy, cool-for-a-boy-band type song, but why SPANISH eyes? Hmm

No One Else Comes Close
R&B is real up in this track with harmonies abounding and even a key change (I knew they were the real deal, ya’ll)

The Perfect Fan
Very pretty, gospel-tinged, vocally appealing song for the real fan, Mom


Seriously, thank you Backstreet Boys for starting my musical journey. You showed me how good vocalists can do whatever they want, in whatever realm or genre they want. And that makes you larger than life. 



Can’t remember what Backstreet sounded like? You might if you remember *NSync, Blackstreet, or Dream Street


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