Holy Water – Spoken Word Poem

Holy Water by Martina Smith

I’ve been thinking lately…
Why keep the baby if you’re gonna throw the bathwater out with the baby?
Why the husband and wife if they don’t promise each other a happy life?
Why put the ring on, and then why turn the sex on if it’s all just gonna turn out wrong?
If they’re gonna use and abuse the baby?

It’s like…
I’m standing in front of a pew again
With everyone again
Reciting the creed of my religion again
And we get to the part about our original sin
I know this part is penned in

I can’t stop myself from doubting again
I can’t stop myself from disbelief again

I give in
To faith again
Where it flows from a natural spring within to believe that we are allowed to bathe in our goodness cause it’s what the world conceived me in
My new baptism is complete in this new church where I am perfectly and wholly loved as a daughter by the real Mother Father
And no matter what they say, I am still in holy water


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