There is no better time than now

We are not all the same
We are not even all similar
Yet we are

We want love, but some of us want fear to guide us
We want happiness, but some of us want to hold on to old habits
We want freedom, but some of us want to keep our chains on
We all have desires, but some of us are afraid to express them

What happens when we wait to be loved, to be happy, and to be free?
We lay our heads down on pillows made of quotes about “security” and “being better off,” and tuck ourselves in with blankets knit out of nauseating uncertainty about the actual certainty of life. We drag ourselves to work in the morning in the cars fueled by the fact that we are manufactured versions of ourselves, off to manufacture robotic, depressed versions of everybody else. We convince ourselves we’re smiling when we’re frowning and anticipate a future where this won’t happen by teaching our kids to sway down our conveyor belt, to just fit in, to never question the real status quo. We invest in things that are destructive to our environment, our mental health, and our livelihood. We tell ourselves everything is gonna be okay but never stop to think how that will be:

It’s all us.
We create the world we’re living in, and we create the world we will live in.
Hope recklessly, my friends.
Take off the chains, let go of the habits, be in the present moment.
There is no better time than now to fully be alive.


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