Cry Babies and Emotional Weakness

I’ve had it.
I’m so over it.
Hey tough asshole, your weakness is showing.

I can’t handle seeing people posting online all about how much “this generation” and “millennials” and people in general are so whiny nowadays and are “emotionally weak” because they want people to care about their emotions. If this is you, consider yourself done with me, because I’m done with you. You wanna talk about how “weak” people are for having public feelings and goddamn… feelings at all? Okay, how about we talk about how you’ve just shown the world how afraid of emotions you are, how insecure you are about seeing emotions, how puny you are for refusing to deal with your own emotions and seeing other people’s emotional lives as a threat to yours, how emotionally unstable you’ve just proven yourself to be, and how you’ve given us reason to recognize your toxicity? YOU are weak. You wanna point fingers? How about you just get over it now, you weak cry baby? I’ll point one right back at you.

Here’s a hard truth:
“This generation” is trying to come together to talk about our emotional and mental health. “This generation” isn’t getting it perfectly right because “that generation” didn’t teach us how to do it. “That generation” is utterly terrified of unraveling their feelings because it means we just might have to change our ways of life, where we actually listen to each other and aren’t afraid of one another anymore. GASP! Oh, the horror of talking above surface level garbage and having real relationships in society! Oh, my! How dreadful finding wholistic solutions to our problems is! How terrifying not having your feelings written off, being forced to have “thick skin,” not being bullied, not being put down, not being immediately judged, not struggling with anxiety or depression or suicidal thoughts is! Oh, how awful! It must really destroy your heart to know that your own best emotional and mental interests are at the heart of what “this generation” is working towards.

You ever wonder what that nagging, longing you feel sometimes is all about? You ever wonder why you’re not happy with your relationships? You ever wonder why you can’t seem to cope with life’s difficulties? It’s called the existential dread of being a human that’s living in our society. It’s called having emotional needs that aren’t being met, and maybe haven’t been actively met in lord knows how long. It’s called ignoring your feelings and in turn ignoring your humanity/who you are in favor of feeling like you fit in somewhere. It’s called… the bullied turns into the bully. It’s called self hatred.

If you expect to bully people and be given infinite chances to redeem yourself, get away from me. You get ONE shot to show me…us…that you are truly the compassionate and good person you secretly hope to be, ONE shot to be vulnerable and admit you don’t know what you’re doing, before you’re toxic. Toxic people are those bullies that can’t stop bullying and expect to get their “safe space” to continue bullying and ignoring their emotional health. I want you out of my life, whoever you are. This is your warning. Your “punishment” is that you will now have to learn self love without me in the picture. I tried, I really did. Go learn to love yourself. Keep me out of your internal conflict because I can’t be your strength.

And for Christ’s sake, join us in creating a discussion about our emotional lives. Good god.


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